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1. The Menu : choose the category
2. The "Category" page : listen / choose the tracks
3. The Player : listen / download the track
2. Find a Track. Top
To find again a track with its name :

- Reach the alphabetical pages (link "Search by Title" upper right).
- Search the title of the track in alphabetical lists.
- Launch the listening or return to the Category page of this piece (No. corresponds to the track number in the category).

3. Audio Files Format. Top
The RealSound Audio Files Format is 24bit / 48kHz (standard broadcasting format).

Sound level : the international standards (EBU R128 / ITU-R BS on 1770) impose for the broadcasting a maximum level of -23dB. So, to protect the dynamics and the sound quality during -23dB mixing, a minimal compression has been applied to the audio files. That's why the Sound level of the audio files (average -14dB) is lower than commercial audio CD.
4. Customized music. Top

We produce on request all kinds of music for all kinds of projects. For more informations please contact us.

Email : contact@realsound.eu