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Waiting Screen (4)
1. Waiting Screen - Electro (Full version)
(Alternative versions)
 04 - Walking Synthesizer (Synth bass, drone & FX, drums & perussions groove)  Play A   B  C  D  E 
 03 - Electro Mosaic (Electro beat with smooth synthesizers)  Play A   B 
 02 - Electro Beat (Electro beat with synthesizers)  Play A 
 01 - TV Now (Electro groove, guitar riff, organ & synthesizer arpeggio)  Play A   B  C 
2. Waiting Screen - Groove (Full version)
(Alternative versions)
 04 - Synthetic Motion (Filtered synthesizer with soft groove)  Play A   B 
 03 - Peace Piano Thought (Soft electro groove, e. piano, double bass, guitar)  Play A 
 02 - Peace Guitar Groove (Groove, guitar, bass, synth drone & FX)  Play A   B  C 
 01 - Groove in the City (Electro soft groove with e. piano, bass & synthesizers)  Play A   B  C  D 
3. Waiting Screen - Synthesizers (Full version)
(Alternative versions)
 04 - A Drone in the Groove (Synths pad, hypnotic bass, slow groove)  Play A   B 
 03 - Synthesizer Waiting (Electro beat, synth drone & FX, violins riff, small percs)  Play A   B 
 02 - Walking Space (Vaporous synths, smooth electro groove, hypnotic bass)  Play A   B 
 01 - Waiting House (Smooth groove, guitar arpeggio, synthesizers)  Play A   B  C 
4. Waiting Screen - Guitar (Full version)
(Alternative versions)
 01 - Pink Guitar Memory (Guitar groove with FX)  Play A   B